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Tentacle Studio is a software development company with a focus on two main activities: services (we offer our services in software development and architecture) and software development.

Our services

Here is a (not exhaustive) list of our services. Please contact us to share your needs and to see how we can help you.

Android Development

Android app development (Java, Kotlin). Android Studio, Gradle.

Experience: 10 years

Java & C++ Development

Heavy & thin clients develoment. Windows/Linux.

Experience: 13 years

Software Architecture

Design of new architectures or analysis of existing architectures.

Experience: 6 years

Web Development – Backend

Parse server, NodeJS, PHP. SQL, MongoDB.

Experience: 5 years

Web Development – Frontend

HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Experience: 5 years

Version Control System: Git

Advice for setting up, process to use… Rebase or merge? Simple repo or multi-repo? etc…

Experience: 7 years


Tentacle Studio was founded in January 2023 by Julien Ollivier, a software development engineer with 13 years of experience. The company has two main focuses:

services in software development (heavy client, mobile app, back-end & front-end web development)

software development


Fortified by 13 years of experience in software development and architecture (in several technologies), we offer our skills to you.

DGAC (French civil aviation authority) (for an Android app) and Ô Jardin Gourmand (for a website) have already trusted us.
Contact us to share your development needs!

You can see our client testimonials as well as past projects.

Software development

We have two apps currently in development:

Pétanque: Scores Marker, an Android application for pétanque players.

Fantasy Racing (working title), an Android multiplayer online game, which is currently available in closed beta.

Our areas of expertise

Working together

On this page, you’ll find a glimpse of the technologies with which we regularly work.

We offer our services to you in all these areas, but we also can work on any technologies you would like to use which are not listed here.

Java, C++
Python, Javascript, NodeJS, Html/CSS, Parse Server
MySQL, MongoDB, ObjectBox
Android, OpenGL, Qt
Git, SVN, Jira, Jenkins


On this page you’ll find the projects we are currently working on. Click on one of them to see more details.

Our testimonials

What our customers say

You can see here the opinions gave by our customers.

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