Fantasy Racing

Fantasy Racing (temporary name) is a video game on Android, currently in development.

Presentation website

(temporay) website presenting the game, its rules and its GUI is available here: Fantasy Racing (partially in English, non-translated parts in French)

Main features

  • Turn-by-turn racing game in heroic fantasy universe.
  • Online game.
  • 6 to 20 players by game.
  • Two types of game:
    • Classic: played with no time limit. Each player is notified when he/she must play, he/she plays when he/she can, then next player is notified. Game can be played on several days.
    • Quick: all players are simultaneously connected and the game is played in one time, like any online game or board game.
  • Three game modes:
    • Standard: between 6 and 20 players, in “free-for-all” mode.
    • Team: between 6 and 20 players, divied in 2, 3 or 4 players teams.
    • 1 VS 1: two players, each playing 3 or 4 characters.
  • Monthly championship: each month a championship takes place.
  • Individual ranking:
    • In “free-for-all” category.
    • In “1 VS 1” category.
  • 10 playable characters (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Wizard, Thief, Lizardman, Goblin, Orque, Beastman, Hybrid baby), each with its own game style and skills.

Join Beta

If you wish to join the closed Beta phase currently in progress, you can send us a message from the home page of this website, indicating “Fantasy Racing Beta” as subject.

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