France Explorer

France Explorateurs is a geolocated game available on Android.

Julien Ollivier has developed this game in 2015, several years before the creation of Tentacle Studio 😉

It’s an educative and touristic game: the aim is to collect virtual “badges” spread all over the French territory. Each badge is associated to a touristic place (monument, museum, natural park, etc…) and presents a picture and a description of this place.

Each badge has a rarity score, depending of the number of times it has been unlocked by the players: unlock a rare badge brings more points than unlock a common one.

Three types of badges exist:

  • Classic: they are always visible on the map, and always unlockable.
  • Hiden: they are not visible, but a notification warns you when you are at less than 1 kilometer of an hiden badge. It’s up to you, then, to find it!
  • Unusual: they are visible but they can be unlocked only during a limited period of time.

You can see the website of the app here (in French).

The app totted up 15000 downloads and is rating 4.1/5 by its users.

Some users opinions (in French)

L’application est cool, j’aime bien le concept, ça nous motive à bouger !
Camille, 12/21.

Un peut decu puisque de base je venais pour trouver des spot d’Urbex mais cette aplication est vraiment bien pour ceux qui habitent dans des grande ville et ceux qui sont dans des petite ville n’ont pas vraiment d’interer mais se serais impossible de donner plus d’interer a des petite ville sans lieux historique. L’interface est bien et intuitif mais je n’aime pas le style utilisé ( veille lettre ). Decu mais bonne découvert si la découverte de lieux historique etc …est votre dada foncez 😁
Anonyme, 01/20

Très sympa et très simple d’utilisation, ca motive à se promener 😀
Anonyme, 02/19

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